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Performing Arts Grading Policies

Grades will be broken into two Categories: 

20% SUPER Energized (Engagement)

Students are expected to put forth effort and be open to constructive feedback. Students are expected to work diligently towards the progression of the skills required for each discipline. Every student will hold himself/herself accountable and positively contribute to YOUR ensemble.

80% SUPER Performer (Mastery)

Students will showcase their mastery of concepts in performance opportunities. Students will exhibit the skills of their discipline through performance tests and evaluations. Students will exude grace and encouragement by being excellent audience members.

Methods of assessments include:

Methods of assessments include:

  • Homework 

  • quizzes

  • records

  • self-assessment 

  • projects

  • Readings

  • Individual performance

  • Skills check-off

  • Student-to-teacher performance

  • Written exams

  • Public/Parent Performances 

  • Culminating Public Showcase

  • encouraging body language and energy, 

  • positive attitude

  • capable of receiving constructive feedback

  • being prepared with materials and content.

Performances outside of regular school hours are an extension of the school day. Every Performing Arts student is expected to participate in assigned concerts/performances. All performances are considered a final exam in a unit of study. Performances are a very large portion of the SUPER Performer category. Our ensembles depend on every aspiring artist.

YOU are important to an outstanding performance!

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