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Attendance Polices

Concerts/Performance Expectation

Performances outside of regular school hours are an extension of the school day. Every Performing Arts student is expected to participate in assigned concerts/performances. All performances are considered a final exam in a unit of study. Performances are a very large portion of the SUPER Performer category. Our ensembles depend on every aspiring artist. YOU are important to an outstanding performance! 

After School Practices 

While they are not very common, our groups do occasionally require after school practices. Sometimes it is necessary for all of the performing arts ensembles to rehearse together before a performance. Our directors will work to give families much advanced notice and schedule of upcoming practices. Unexcused absences to practices will merit a lower grade in the course. 

Please check the calendar section of this page for an updated list of practices and performances.


Excused absences are granted for personal illness, medical/dental appointments accompanied by a physician's statement, and/or a death in the family. An excused absence still counts as an absence.


All other absences are unexcused absences.

What to do when “life happens”

If you or a family member are unable to transport your student to the performance or practice venue, contact the director and they can make accommodations or arrangements for transportation. The more advanced notice you can provide, the better the director will be able to assist your family.

Performance Alternative Assignment

Any missed performance, excused or unexcused, is reflected as a zero in the gradebook. In the event of an absence, points can be made up through the alternative assignment. It is the student’s responsibility to see the director for make-up work. Work must be turned in one week after the performance.

It is expected that students stay for the duration of the concert or performance and all equipment is returned to the classroom. Remember, it is important that we support each other!

Please refer to the JCPS Attendance Policies Procedures Handbook and the JCPS Student Support and Behavior Intervention Handbook for more information about student absences.

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